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Who are we?


Trieste Swing cultural association was born in 2017 to be the common home of all lovers of swing music and dance in Trieste, a reference point, even from the institutional point of view, which was missing in the city to promote swing culture, dance and music in Trieste and in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region through dedicated events and social dance nights.

Our dance evenings are called SWING Night by which we have brought the energy and enthusiasm of our dances wherever we have been guests.

Trieste Swing organizes a great festival every year called Swing Harbour hosting the best teachers of the international swing scene.

Trieste Swing
Trieste Swing

Swing Harbour

3 - 4 - 5 June 2022

Bonus available for those who enrolled in Swing Harbour 2020.
Please, drop a line in the notes and let us know about it.
***Until further regulations and for the attendees safety***
the Festival is a green pass-only event.
We reccomend you check your vaccine certificates are valid in Italy
The international swing festival of Trieste with an amazing teachers' line up, live music and original vintage vinyls and shellacs djset.
3 levels lindy / balboa workshop: improvers, intermediate, advanced
Special afternoon classes each day: performance routine, solo jazz, classic routines
3 parties: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Lindy track = 4 hours lindy + up to 12 hours special classes (at your choice)
Balboa track =  4 hours balboa + up to 12 hours special classes (at your choice)


Dom Knoll & Nora Locher - lindy hop
Mario Švigir & Andrea Vozila - balboa & lindy hop
Mickey Fortanasce & Anna-Maria Bernhard - balboa
Vincenzo Fesi & Natasha Devyatkina - balboa & lindy hop
Partik Pettersson & Lizette Rönqvist - lindy hop

Live music


Les Babettes with the Swinging or Nothing Band
in collaboration with Jam Art, with the support of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
LOGO FVG regione
Logo Jam art


Professor Cunningham and His Old School


Lune Troublante 4tet


*All passes include Trieste Swing 2022 yearly association fee

From 1st of April:

Full Pass Lindy track + 3 parties € 200,00
Full Pass Balboa track + 3 parties € 200,00
Week-end Pass Lindy track + 2 parties €180,00
Week-end Pass Balboa track + 2 parties €180,00


**Party passes will be available from the month of April**
Full Party Package € 80,00
Week-end Party Package (2 parties: Sat + Sun) € 60,00
Single Party entry € 35,00
IMPORTANT: we kindly ask you to register in couple, single followers or single leaders will be accepted in limited number according to match availabilities. 


LINDY IMPROVERS / Beginner-intermediate

For those who have been dancing and taking classes from at least 6 months. You're familiar with the six step and the eight step and you're able to recognize and perform the following basic steps: Swing Out, Tuck Turn, Lindy Circle, Lindy Charleston base and side-by-side Charleston


For those who have been dancing and you've been taking lessons from at least 2 years and have already been to some dance camp. You have a good knowledge of the fundamental themes of Lindy Hop, such as Swing Out and its variations (Lindy Circle, Texas Tommy, Swivels for ladies), you know how to insert variations of charleston in the dance, you already heard about connection, musicality and improvisation.


For those who have been dancing and taking classes for at least 4 years and have a nice repertoire of Lindy Hop's steps, can lead or follow with ease on any time, both slow and very fast, can combine musicality with improvisational skills.
At this level the pace of teaching will be fast.


For dancers who are comfortable with the basics of Pure Balboa e Bal-Swing, throw-outs, out-and-ins, ad-libs and transitions


For dancers who have some solid Balboa basics and  have heard about connection, musicality and improvisation.


For confident dancers that can use their own creativity to create new moves while dancing, can handle fast tempos and tricky moves. The teaching will be fast paced and challenging.
!!! Please, be sure  you're completely comfortable with the level you're choosing.
Choose the right  level to really improve your way of dancing! You will help yourself and others to make the most profit possible from the lessons.

Enrolment form

    Which level are you attending?

    Which package do you choose?

    Please read carefully before signing:

    Swing Harbour is produced by the Trieste Swing cultural association. To join Swing Harbour you need to be associated for the year 2022. To sign up and join, you must complete the form. After submitting the form, your registration is processed by our team and validated by a confirmation email, where you will also find information about the payment methods. Payment must be made within the indicated calendar days from the receipt of the mail. If no payment is received, your registration will be canceled. The organization grants entry to the workshops only after full quota is paid. If you register with a partner, he/she must also register and pay the fee. Insurance is a responsibility of the participants. Organizers are not liable for any injury you may get during the event. Each host space has its own security policy. The event schedule can be modified without any refunds, in case of changes in flight or transportation of teachers, in case of unexpected illness / injury, or for any other possible reasons not dependent on our will. In the event of cancellation of flight / train or in case of sudden illness / accident or for other reasons that may result in failure to participate, there is no refund. By submitting your application to Swing Harbour and pursuant to art. 10 and 320 cod. civ. and art. 96 and 97 of 22 April 1941, no. 633, the Copyright Act you authorize us to publish and / or distribute in any form whatsoever the images of the festival where you may be present on the website, on paper and / or on any other means of distribution for advertising purposes of Swing Harbour, as well as the preservation of the photos themselves in the archives of the association. Organizers do not take responsibility for accident injuries (including injuries and damage to health) and loss of personal belongings, theft and damage. In case of cancellation of the festival for natural disasters, riots, strikes, sudden inaccessibility of the spaces and any cause not attributable to the organizers, there is no reimbursement.

    PLAN YOUR TRIP TO SWING Harbour 2022 

    BY CAR

    A4 Torino - Trieste motorway
    A23 Tarvisio - Udine - Palmanova motorway and then A4
    SS15 via Flavia from border Rabuiese (Muggia)
    SS58 from border Fernetti


    Railway routes:
    Trieste - Gorizia - Udine
    Trieste - Monfalcone - Cervignano - Venezia

    Slovenian railways

    Ljubljana - Opicina


    Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Ronchi dei Legionari (Go) - Trieste
    Trieste Regional Airport, 33 Km from Trieste
    Trieste Airport train stop
    Venice International Airport
    120 km from Trieste
    bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to Venice-Mestre train station
    Treviso International Airport
    145 km from Trieste
    bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to the railway station of Venice-Mestre and Treviso.
    Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia)
    114 km from Trieste

    BY BUS

    Daily trips to Graz, Vienna, Monaco, Frankfurt, Venice, Milan, Rome, Bologna and many other Italian and European cities.
    Öbb Ferrovie Austriache

    BY SEA

    By hydrofoil
    Trieste-Piran, Rovinj, Pula and Porec
    Trieste-Grado ferry
    Only in the summer months


    Welcome Desk via Coroneo 15
    Classes will be held in the court area so in the neighborhood of via Giustiniano, via Coroneo, viale XX Settembre.

    Parties will be at Molo IV on the waterfront (harbour indeed).

    Trieste Swing

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