Enrolments open Monday 21st October 2019


Every year at our Christmas Party we invite special guests to celebrate Christmas together and to share our scene with other realities close to us, very very close, like the Slovenian scene. Trieste Swing has in fact a bilingual Italian / Slovenian soul, represented by the members of its board and founders. And from the Slovenian scene this year we host a couple of * rising stars *: Janez Šepetavc and Petra Robek.
The participants will learn a choreo that will then be performed during the Party in the evening. We foresaw two groups, "happy lazy reindeers" (improvers / intermediate) and "happy eager reindeers" (intermediate / advanced).
You can be both lazy and eager and attend both if you wish.
We ask you to contribute in covering our expenses as follows:

EARLY BIRD until October 31st

1,5h workshop + Christmas dinner & party -> 25,00 euro
3h workshop + Christmas dinner & party -> 35,00 euro
Only Christmas dinner & party -> 15,00 euro

All enrolments from November 1 onwards

1,5h workshop + Christmas dinner & party -> 35,00 euro
3h workshop + Christmas dinner & party -> 45,00 euro
Only Christmas dinner & party -> 25,00 euro

Trieste Swing Christmas Party is produced by the Trieste Swing cultural association. To join Trieste Swing Christmas Party you need to be associated for the year 2019. To sign up and join, you must complete the form. After submitting the form, your registration is processed by our team and validated by a confirmation email, where you will also find information about the payment methods. Payment must be made within the indicated calendar days from the receipt of the mail. If no payment is received, your registration will be canceled. The organisation grants entry to the workshops only after full quota is paid. If you register with a partner, he/she must also register and pay the fee. Insurance is a responsibility of the participants. Organisers are not liable for any injury you may get during the event. Each host space has its own security policy. The event schedule can be modified without any refunds, in case of changes in flight or transportation of teachers, in case of unexpected illness / injury, or for any other possible reasons not dependent on our will. In the event of cancellation of flight / train or in case of sudden illness / accident or for other reasons that may result in failure to participate, there is no refund. By submitting your application to Trieste Swing Christmas Party and pursuant to art. 10 and 320 cod. civ. and art. 96 and 97 of 22 April 1941, no. 633, the Copyright Act you authorise us to publish and / or distribute in any form whatsoever the images of the festival where you may be present on the website, on paper and / or on any other means of distribution for advertising purposes of Trieste Swing Christmas Party, as well as the preservation of the photos themselves in the archives of the association. Organisers do not take responsibility for accident injuries (including injuries and damage to health) and loss of personal belongings, theft and damage. In case of cancellation of the festival for natural disasters, riots, riots, strikes, sudden inaccessibility of the spaces and any cause not attributable to the organisers, there is no reimbursement.

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